Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Instagram Inspiration: Christmas Is Coming

December has arrived. Christmas songs are playing at home, and elves are running around. December always brightens up the moment I see my daughter getting her little present out from the stocking in the morning and jumping around in glee afterwards. We haven't taken out the Christmas decorations yet, but the weekend will get busy.  

For this occasion, I surfed Instagram for inspiration. What could our Christmas tree look like this year? Which colours to use? What more should be bought? Or should I make decorations myself? When to make the first load of gingerbreads? Will our cat climb the tree this year as well and fall down with it? Finally, the Christmas month is here and the Instagram Inspiration is radiating Christmas feeling. Have a beautiful advent time!

PS! Don’t forget Stellarium’s Instagram, that can be found here

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3-5. interiorstyled

Detsember on käes. Meil mängivad kodus jõululaulud ja jooksevad päkapikud. Minu jaoks muutub detsember alati nii helgeks, kui näen, kuidas mu tütar jõulusoki seest hommikuti oma kingitust kougib ja siis rõõmsalt mööda tuba ringi hüppab. Jõulukaunistusi pole me veel välja võtnud, kuid nädalavahetusel läheb suuremaks tralliks. 

Sel puhul otsisin Instagramist inspiratsiooni. Milline võiks sel aastal välja näha meie kuusk? Milliseid värve kasutada? Mida juurde osta? Või valmistada hoopis ise? Millal teha esimesed piparkoogid? Kas meie kass ronib sel aastal jälle kuuse otsa ja kukub koos sellega pikali? Lõpuks ometi on käes jõulukuu ja seekordne Instagrami inspiratsiooni postitusest õhkub jõulutunnet. Soovin ilusat advendiaega kõigile! Tuleks veel ka valge lumi maha ... Ära unusta liitumast Stellariumi Instagramiga SIIN.  Juba homme algab meie Instagramis advendiloos!


Monday, December 12, 2016

TOP 5: Girl Friday at Kau Manor

Stellarium will be 5 years old in February, which means there is a fair bit of Girl Friday posts that reflect my personal style, mood, and emotions. In the beginning of the year I told photographer Meisi Volt that I won't just stand by the wall any more. I will either change Girl Friday or I'll end it completely. Then I remembered I really wanted to do a series based on the book "Body in the Library" and I was looking for a suitable manor.

The most beautiful images this year were born in Kau Manor. We drove there with six suitcases full of clothes, seven suitcases of accessories and spent a few day shooting in a row. Kau Manor gets more and more recognition in the world and it's no wonder that one idea is chasing another in every corner of that manor. The time spent at Kau Manor changed things for me because my daughter Rene wanted to film the shoots. Although I was vlogging myself, she grabbed the camera every once in a while and filmed what we were doing. She didn't film every shoot, but since it was her own choice, I didn't ask her either. If I had known she will come with such good material, I would have asked her to film all our photo series at Kau Manor. You can see the result with English subtitles here

In addition to the Girl Friday series, I was also inspired by some other outfits that you can see among my favourites. The photographer usually takes 50-70 photos of me and I choose 7-10 out of those. I picked images that you haven't seen before and that I have left out when choosing images, to introduce the photo series this time. What's your favourite photo series from Kau Manor?

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