Monday, August 28, 2017

Instagram Inspiration: Vanelja & Vanillacrunnch

It happened a few years ago. I baked two big pies for my husband's birthday and called a taxi to take them to his work where he was supposed to have a little birthday happening with his colleagues. Since I'm loyal to one taxi company, I knew the taxi driver who picked me up, for a long time.  I got into the car with the hot pies steaming and we were on our way. 

Soon enough the taxi driver asked what smelled so good. I replied I baked pies for my husband's birthday and he's going to offer them at work. The taxi driver thought for a while and asked whether I baked them myself. Yes, myself, I replied. The taxi driver thought for a moment again and asked again if I really baked the pies myself. I said that a salmon pie isn't really that difficult to make... The taxi driver is quiet again. Finally, he looks at me and says it's completely unbelievable - he would have never thought I could cook. If normally I have something to say about things, I was out of words this time. It wasn't the first time. 

One weekend, a relative came to visit and I'd taken the lamb out of the oven and she asked whether I'd really made it myself. I said it's not really a big deal to put the lamb in the oven... She said something like, well, you're more in the beauty world and you do your makeup... So I concluded that it's as if one excludes the other - if you know how to apply foundation, you probably don't cook a lamb in the oven. I think making food is something very obvious. I've seen my parents cook since I was little so it couldn't be mission impossible. 

However, I've lately come across some Instagram accounts devoted to food and the cakes and cocktails there look too extraordinary to be true. One of them belongs to Virpi Mikkonen from Finland who's the author of two cook books and the force behind the blog Vanelja. Another Instagram account I'm a big fan of, belongs to Lara from Switzerland. She started experimenting with food and the result is a fantastic blog called Vanillacrunnch. Eleven images in this Instagram Inspiration are from Virpi and the other eleven from Lara. A big applause to those two women from Stellarium! Which food blogs do you follow?

See juhtus paar aastat tagasi. Küpsetasin kodus oma abikaasa sünnipäeva puhul kaks suurt pirukat ja tellisin seejärel takso, et need talle tööle viia, kus ta pidi kolleegidele sünnipäeva puhul suupärast pakkuma. Kuna ma olen ühele ja samale taksofirmale lojaalne, tundsin juba ammu taksojuhti, kes mulle järgi tuli.

Istusin auravate pirukatega autosse ja asusime teele. Õige pea küsis taksojuht: "Mis siin nii hästi lõhnab?" Vastasin, et küpsetasin abikaasa sünnipäeva puhul pirukad, mida ta tööl pakub. Taksojuht jäi hetkeks mõttesse ja küsis äkki: "Et nagu ise küpsetasid?" Mina siis vastu, et ikka ise. Taksojuht jälle mõtleb hetke ja siis küsib üle: "Sa nagu päris ise küpsetasid piruka?" Mina omakorda vastu, et see lõhepirukas pole kuigi keeruline... Taksojuht jälle vait. Lõpuks vaatab mind ja ütleb: "Täiesti uskumatu! Ma poleks seda küll arvanud, et sa süüa teha oskad..." Kui ma tavaliselt oskan midagi öelda, siis sel korral ei osanud ma enam midagi öelda. Õigupoolest polnud see esimene kord. 

Ühel nädalavahetuse tuli sugulane külla ja kui olin ahjust lamba võtnud, küsis ta, kas see on tõesti ise tehtud. Vastasin, et mis see siis ka ära ei ole, lammas ahju pista... Tema vastas seepeale midagi sellist, et noh, sa rohkem ikka ilumaailmas ja meigid end... Siit tegin ma järelduse, et üks justkui välistaks teise - kui oskad jumestuskreemi näkku panna, siis ilmselt lammast juba ahjus ei küpseta. Minu meelest on toidu tegemine midagi iseenesest mõistetavat. Ma olen lapsepõlvest peale näinud, kuidas mu vanemad süüa teevad, seega ei saa see olla võimatu missioon. 

Tõsi, viimasel ajal olen aga leidnud toidule pühendatud Instagrami kontosid, kus koogid ja kokteilid näevad välja liiga muinasjutulised, et olla tõsi. Üks nendest kuulub Virpi Mikkonenile, kes on Soomes kahe kokaraamatu autor ja blogi Vanelja taga. Teine Instagrami konto, mida tohutult fännan, kuulub Šveitsis elavale Larale, kes alustas toiduga eksperimenteerimisega ja tulemuseks on fantastiline blogi nimega Vanillacrunnch. Esimesed 11 kaadrit Instagrami Inspiratsioonist on pärit Virpilt ja teised 11 Laralt. Stellarium teeb nendele kahele naisele suure aplausi! Milliseid imelisi toidule pühendatud Instagrami kontosid jälgid sina? 


Sunday, August 27, 2017

Thanks for a fun party, Polhem!

The looming autumn doesn't only show in the fact that you need a jacket in August in Estonian climate to face the cold wind, but also the lovely invitations to events where autumn trends and interesting beauty news are introduced. One of the first events I took my daughter to years ago, was Polhem Showroom press day. I remember her running around between beautiful displays at the time, and I was afraid the lipstick arrangement was gonna fall over. Since then, when I've had a chance to participate in Polhelm's press day, my daughter comes along. It's our little tradition.   

Another Polhem press day took place this week, and I discovered some new brands for myself. In the opening photo I'm posing in a Pinko coat that I would have liked to sneak out with, but that wouldn't have gone down too well, I'm afraid. Another brand that caught my eye was Parfois handbags. If I had to choose between a new dress and a new bag, as a hopeless materialist, I would go for both. But if I had to choose just one, it would most definitely be a bag. And the display at the showroom means that I am planning to have a look at their handbags in the shop. Being on a constant lookout for new beauty products, I discovered Kocostar cosmetics - another find! 

What comes to my daughter, she picked up completely different things. The pink knit by Liisa Soolep caught her eye, and she was begging me to buy it for her. I said we're at a showroom and you can't buy stuff here. She said that she has money with her and he can also buy it herself. But luckily photographer Meisi intervened and explained my little one that indeed you can't buy things from a showroom, and so my daughter took a dive into the world of Lush. Since we have our own special relationship with bath products (read about it here), then Lush won both of our hearts. 

In addition, we got a luxurious goodie bag and as soon as we got into the cab, my daughter pushed her little curious nose into the bag and started rummaging through it. What can I say? I was lucky. My daughter left me the catalogues and a face mask. But her special favourite was the canvas bag by Latvian brand One Wolf and she lent it to me later for a photo in Insta Story... So that's the case for now. Thanks for a fun party, Polhem!


Friday, August 25, 2017

Girl Friday: Temptation I can’t resist

There's a romantic air to maxi dresses. Those rare days when Estonian summer is truly warm, I try to take the maximum out of them and do it in maxi dresses. I have wandered at the market, worn long dresses to the garden, and had picnics with friends.  

This dress from Label Lab caught my eye the moment I saw it. I have set a rule to myself that I won't buy everything that my soul lusts for. At the same time I have the agreement with myself that if I still like it a month later, I can give in to the temptation. And this is what happened with this beauty. I like the skirt part of the dress, because it's romantic enough, but not too princessy. The dark grey skirt has a touch of majesty and the embroidery at the front of is the crown of the dress. Coming back to shopping - how do you hold yourself back and when do you give in?

Outfit details:

Dress: Label Lab
Shoes: Moschino
Clutch: vintage 
Jewelry: vintage

Maksikleitides on alati romantilist hõngu. Need harvad päevad, mil Eesti suves esineb tõeliselt sooja suve, püüan võtta maksimumi ja seda just maksikleitides. Olen uitanud turul, kandnud koduaias pikki kleite ja teinud sõpradega paar piknikku.

See kleit firmalt Label Lab köitis minu pilku kohe, kui teda nägin. Siiski olen kehtestanud iseendaga reegli, et kõike, mida hing ihaldab ei osta. Samas on mul endaga kokkulepe, et kui see asjake meeldib ka kuu aega hiljem, siis võib kiusatusele järele anda. Nii juhtus just selle iludusega. Mulle meeldib kleidi seelikuosa, mis on parajalt romantiline kuid ei kisu samas liiga printsessilikuks. Tumehallis seeikuosas on annus majesteetlikkust ja rinnaesisel olevad tikandid on kleidi kroon. Kui tulla šoppamise juurde tagasi, siis kuidas sina ennas pidurdad ja millal järele annad?

PHOTOS: Meisi Volt


Monday, August 21, 2017

Dealing With Mother’s Illness

Some years ago my mother lost her interest towards the garden. As long as I remember her, she's always loved taking care of it. We have had two big gardens that mom turned into unique summer living rooms. The gardens were neat, but mom still managed to retain elegant wildness there. Everything was balanced. Everything was so beautiful. Each spring, my mother was excited about buying different plants, but one year I noticed that even though she talked about her garden, she never made it to buying the plants.

I was travelling and I didn't know at the time that it was a sign of something very bad taking over. Remember a post about how I went to a tree nursery with my mother to buy flowers, and one lovely lady said I left my hat there a year ago and got it for me from her room? You can read the post here. That was the time I started with desperate efforts to awaken interest in my mother and I tried to take her flower shopping. I got her various flower plants, but eventually, it was my father who planted them in the garden.  

Since then, my mother's health has deteriorated. First every year, then every month, and finally... Finally, I realised that things will not get better. My mother has been plagued by severe rheumatism for years and due to some wring steps, nothing will get better any more. In the first half of the year, I took a bigger break in both blogging and work. I slowly realised that my mother is getting sicker and no matter how hard we tried with father, mother's will had become fragile. Coping with mother's illness is something nobody leaves a manual for. You don't have instructions for how to deal with it... At first, I didn't realise why I was so sad all the time.

One day, when mother was doing quite badly, I went to see her. I laid down next to her, hold her hand and thought: "If I could give you all my strength, I would do it..." But later when I got home, I was totally upset, tired, and worn out. I called my friend and just cried... She was the first one who asked whether I had put a filter between myself and dealing with my sick mother? I didn't understand what she was talking about... Until I understood that if I take all my mother's worries in all day every day, there won't be much left of myself. Those were the first words of wisdom on how to keep your chin up regardless of sorrow. But it doesn't always work.  

For example, mother and I went to Stockmann's home department together for years, and one day I went there to the department store to meet an acquaintance. I arrived early and went to the home department... I was looking around and all of a sudden I remembered everything about my mother. I was totally confused because I was filled with weird feelings and I almost started to cry... I didn't go to Stockmann for long after that because the store reminded me of my mother so much... That wasn't the only bitter moment. One day I was looking at a woman in the spa who had come there with her mother. They were chatting in the sauna about the world and beyond, and they were lovely to look at together. All of a sudden, I felt a sharp sting. I thought about how I can never take my mother to a spa again because her health is too bad. I'm sitting at a cafe and think about the lovely times we had together. As long as I remember myself, I have always had the need to share the beautiful places I've found, with my parents. Although I have my own family, my mother drifting away due to her illness is something that haunts me every day. Luckily I have slowly found ways to get back on my feet. I shut myself off for some time, but now I've started going to events again, accepted jobs, and I try to be open.

I have realised that no matter how ill someone close to you is, the most important part is to retain your own sanity, health, and regardless of how silly it sounds... retain your happiness. So I decided to start building new memories on those places that I associate with my mother. I set my appointments to the cafes I avoided because I associated them with my mother. I started going to Stockmann, which I desperately avoided for some time, again. I guess it's because we bought some new items for my table set every month, and we really enjoyed the process of picking out the things... I took my daughter to Stockmann and started collecting a new table set with her. I sought out the jewellery that reminds me of my mother, and I started wearing them again. I went to the tree nurseries that reminded me of my mother, and bought flowers to the garden from there. I just decided that I have to be strong because otherwise, I would drown.

I go see my mother several times a week. My husband is great support, because he always comes along. His contribution is immeasurable for me. I love to cook, so I sometimes drop by Nõmme market before lunch, buy fresh ingredients, and cook for my parents. I have always known that the best we can give each other, is time and devotion. And the best thing to soothe the sorrow of an ill person is to find time for them. Give them joy. Sometimes it works out. Sometimes not. But I try. Now you know the reason why Stellarium has been pretty quiet for half a year. But sometimes you need to wait until you get your will back to do something, and move forward with your own things. I've finally found it, but that doesn't mean there can't be setbacks. How have you coped with the illness of someone close to you? Are there any tips to share with others, or are the answers within ourselves, and the winner is the one who finally finds them?

Mõni aasta tagasi kaotas mu ema huvi oma aia vastu. Nii kaua kui mina teda mäletan, on ta alati armastanud aias tegutseda. Meil on olnud kaks suurt aeda, millest ema tegi ainulaadsed suvised elutoad. Meie aedades valitses korrektsus, kus oli ometi säilinud ka elegantse metsikus. Kõik oli tasakaalus. Kõik oli ilus. Igal kevadel kibeles mu ema erinevaid lilletaimi ostma, kuid ühel kevadel 
panin äkki tähele, et kuigi ta rääkis oma aiast, siis taimede ostmiseni ta ei jõudnud.

Mul olid endal reisid ja ma ei teadnud toona, et see on märk millestki väga halvast, mis aina maad võtab. Mäletad, kui ma kirjutasin postituse sellest, kui käisin koos emaga puukoolis lilli ostmas ja üks lahke proua ütles, et aasta tagasi jätsin sinna oma kübara ja tõi selle mulle oma toast? Selle postituse leiad siit. Sel ajal alustasin meeleheitlike pingutustega, et oma emas aia vastu huvi äratada ja püüdsin viia teda lilli ostma. Ma kinkisin talle erinevaid lilletaimi, kuid lõpuks istutas aeda need hoopis minu isa.  

Sellest ajast on ema tervis läinud aina halvemaks. Alguses iga aastaga, siis kuude kaupa ja lõpuks ... Lõpuks leidsin ennast tõdemas, et asjad ei lähegi enam kuigi palju paremaks. Mu ema on aastaid laastanud ränk reuma. Ta on astunud valesid samme, mis on viinud tupikusse. Aasta esimesel poolel tegin ma nii blogimisse kui oma töödesse suurema pausi. Ma hakkasin tasapisi mõistma, et ema jääb järjest haigemaks ja kui palju me kogu hingest koos isaga ka ei pingutaks, siis ema enda tahe on jäänud õhkõrnaks. Toimetulek oma ema haigusega on midagi, mille kohta ei jäta keegi manuaali. Sul pole õpetust, kuidas sellega toime tulla... Esialgu ei saanud ma aru, miks ma pidevat nii kurb olen.

Ühel päeval, kui emal oli eriti halb, läksin teda vaatama. Ma heitsin ta kõrvale pikali, võtsin käest kinni ja mõtlesin: "Kui ma saaksin sulle kogu oma jõu anda, siis ma teeksin seda..." Koju jõudes olin täiesti endast väljas, väsinud ja kurnatud. Ma helistasin oma sõbrannale ja lihtsalt nutsin... Tema oli esimene, kes küsis, kas haige emaga tegeledes, olen ma üritanud filtri vahele panna? Ma ei saanud aru, mis filtrist ta räägib? Kuniks mõistsin, et kui ma lasen kõik oma ema vaevad igapäevaselt iseendast läbi, ei jää varsti ka minust endast midagi järele. Need olid justkui esimesed õpetussõnad, kuidas hoolimata nukrusest oma meeleolu üleval hoida. Kuid alati see ei õnnestu.

Näiteks käisime emaga aastaid ja aastaid koos Stockmanni kaubamaja koduosakonnas. Ühel päeval läksin ma kaubamajja oma tuttavaga kohtuma. Ma jõudsin varem ja läksin koduosakonda... Vaatasin seal ringi ja äkitselt meenutas kõik mulle minu emakest. Ma olin täiesti segaduses, sest hing täitus veidrate tunnetega ja hakkasin peaaegu nutma... Pärast seda ei läinud ma enam tükk aega Stockmanni, sest selles kaumabajas meenutas nii palju mu ema... See pole olnud ainus kibe hetk. Ühel päeval vaatasin SPA-s üht naist, kes oli sinna tulnud koos oma emaga. Nad jutustasid saunas maast ja ilmast ning neid oli lõputult tore koos vaadata. Ja äkitselt tabas mind valus torge. Ma mõtlesin, et ma ei saa enam kunagi oma ema SPA-sse viia, sest tema tervis ei luba seda. Ma istun kohvikutes ja mõtlen, kui tore oli meil koos olla. Nii kaua kui ma end mäletan, on mul olnud alati vajadus oma vanematega jagada ilusaid kohti, mida olen leidnud. Kuigi mul on oma perekond, siis ema kaugenemine läbi haiguse, kummitab mind iga päev. Õnneks olen leidnud vaikselt viise, kuidas jalule saada. Kui ma mingiks ajaks tõmbusin täiesti oma kookonisse, siis nüüd olen taas hakanud käima üritustel, võtnud vastu töid ja püüan avatud olla.

Ma olen mõistnud, et ükskõik kui haige sinu lähedane ka pole, kõige olulisem on ise terve mõistus, tervis ja ükskõik kui jabur see ka ei tundu... rõõm säilitada. Nii otsustasin ma ühel päeval hakata nendele kohtadele, mis liiga tugevalt emaga seostuvad, uusi mälestusi peale ehitama. Ma leppisin oma kohtumised kokku just nendes kohvikutes, mida vältisin, sest need seostusid mu emaga. Ma hakkasin taas käima Stockmannis, mida ma vältisin mõnda aega täiesti paaniliselt. Ilmselt seepärast, et igal kuul ostsime mu emaga sealt minu serviisi kollektsiooni mõne uue asja ja me nii nautisime seda valimise protsessi... Nüüd võtsin hoopis tütre Stockmanni kaasa ja hakkasin temaga koos uut serviisi koguma. Ma otsisin välja ehted, mis meenutavad mu ema ja hakkasin neid uuesti kandma. Ma läksin jälle nendesse puukoolidesse, kus olime emaga taimi valinud ja ostsin sealt aeda lilli. Ma lihtsalt otsustasin, et pean olema tugev, sest muidu ma upun.

Ma käin nädalas mitu korda ema vaatamas. Minu abikaasa on mulle suureks toeks, ta tuleb alati kaasa ja viskab nalja, kui kurvaks muutun. Mulle meeldib süüa teha ja nii põikan vahel enne lõunat tõukerattaga Nõmme turule, ostan värsked asjad ja teen vanematele lõuna. Ma olen alati teadnud, et parim, mida me saame üksteisele kinkida, on aeg ja pühendumus. Ja kõige parem, millega leevendada haige inimese kurbust, on justnimelt jagada temaga oma aega. Viia talle rõõmu. Vahel see õnnestub mul. Vahel mitte. Kuid ma püüan. Nüüd tead sa põhjust, miks Stellarium on pool aastat olnud üsna vaikne paik. Kuid vahel tuleb oodata, millal tuleb tahe taas midagi teha ja oma asjadega edasi minna. Lõpuks olen ma selles raskuses leidnud oma tee, mis ei välista küll tagasilööke. Kuidas sina oled tulnud toime, kui sinu lähedane on haige? Kas üldse leidub nippe, mida teistega jagada või on vastused ikkagi meie endi sees ja võidab see, kes need lõpuks üles leiab?


Friday, August 11, 2017

Etiquette: How to Carry a Clutch?

What's right or wrong? Should etiquette be followed nowadays anyway? As I've written before, my interest in etiquette has grown with years. It's like a secret language that's interesting to learn and observe how many stick to the rules or whether they think it's important at all.  

One interesting rule I read recently is about clutches. When you're wearing a clutch as an accessory, it should never be worn under your arm. I have made a mistake with this rule a thousand and one time myself, and it will probably happen also in the future, but it's still interesting to get acquainted to the rules of the clutch. The correct way to wear a clutch is in one hand, or holding it with both hands. 

One interesting piece of knowledge also from the royal family. The Dutchess of Cambridge Catherine always wears a small clutch to public events. An etiquette specialist explains it as follows: "It is protocol that you do not extend your hand to any member of the royal family (blood royal or those who have married in to the family) unless their hand extends first." 
So a clutch holds great importance in Catherine's outfit. 

By the way, Princess Diana found another clever purpose for the clutch - when she got out of a car, she covered her décolletage with the clutch and photographers didn't get photos of her where the dress would have been too revealing on the chest.  Etiquette doesn't allow you to put your purse on the table at dinner, but it should be on your chair, behind your back. 

Oh, how I like those little nuances. I told my daughter about this etiquette rule to my daughter who listened to me and then said that I make that mistake every time when I take photos of coffee cups in cafes with my bag. Which rules of etiquette do you follow and which rules have surprised you the most?

Mis on õige ja mis on vale? Kas tänapäeval peaks üldse enam etiketti jälgima? Nagu olen varem kirjutanud, siis aastatega on minu huvi etiketi reeglite vastu aina kasvanud. See on justkui salakeel, mida on huvitav õppida ja samas jälgida, kui pajud sellest kinni peavad või seda üldse tähtsustavad.

Üks huvitav reegel, mida hiljuti lugesin, kõneleb sellest, et kui sinu aksessuaariks on clutch, siis ei hoita seda mitte kunagi kaenla all. Ma ise olen selle etiketireegli vastu 1000 ja 1 korda eksinud ning ilmselt juhtub seda ka edaspidi, kuid ikkagi on põnev end clutchi kandmise reeglitega kurssi viia. Õige on seda kanda kas ühes käes või siis hoida clutchist kinni kahe käega. Nii nagu kõigil postituse kaadritel.

Üks huvitav seik ka kuninglikust perekonnast. Cambridge`i hertsoginna Catherine kannab alati avalikel üritustel kaasas väikest clutchi. Miks? Etiketi spetsialist William Hanson seletab Catherine clutchi kandmise lahti nii: "Protokolli järgi ei anta kätt kuningliku perekonna liikmele (kas sünnijärgne või abielu kaudu kuningliku pere liige) kui nad just ei paku kätt esimesena."
Seega on Catherine´i riietuse juures väike clutch eluliselt oluline. Kui mõni pealetükkiv tegelane soovib temaga ikkagi kätelda, siis on hertsoginna käed kindlalt clutchi küljes. 

Muide, printsess Diana leidis clutchile veel ühe kavala ülesande: autost väljudes kattis ta clutchiga kinni oma dekoltee ja nii võisid piltnikud suu puhtaks pühkida fotost, kus printsessi dekoltee oleks liiga avatud.

Etikett ei luba ka kotti õhtusöögil lauale panna, vaid hoopis oma toolile, selja taha. Oh, kuidas mulle meeldivad need väikesed nüansid! Rääkisin sellest etiketitreeglist ka oma tütrele, kes kuulas selles ära ja vastas siis: "Sa eksid ju iga kord etiketi vastu, kui oma kohvitassi koos käekotiga kohvikus Instagrami jaoks üles pildistad!" Milliseid etiketi reegleid sina jälgid ja millised on sind kõige enam üllatanud? 


Monday, August 7, 2017

Perfume Portrait: Lanvin Modern Princess

I remember many princesses from my childhood. There was Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and of course Cinderella... But I somehow wasn't too captivated by their stories. I really liked The Little Witch and Puss In Boots, so I didn't really find much in common with princesses, because a broomstick-riding good witch and a clever cat who made his owner into a rich ruler, offered more adventures.

Years later, when I was going through the celebrity pages, I started liking real princesses. There was glamour, there was suffering, they were followed by paparazzi, they were followed by frustrations, but unlike fairy tale princesses, they were much closer to me. Their joys and sorrows gave a chance to identify with them. And those stories didn't always have a happy ending. Those princesses were so much more inspiring than the fairy tale belles who lived happily ever after 'til this day unless they passed away.

Lanvin recently released the perfume Modern Princess. Thinking of the world today, I think it's one of the best names for a perfume. We live in an era where we have more princesses than ever. They walk among us wearing an invisible crown and nobody really minds if they're wearing trainers instead of crystal shoes. A tiring ball gown is replaced by torn jeans. And a crown... Oh, who needs that old thing anyway? Indeed, these days, every beauty can be a social media princess, create their own (air) castle and share only the most beautiful images from the tower of their castle.

But fairy tale princesses lived through a lot of hardships before the happy ending - they ate poisoned apples, or hurt their finger when making yarn on the spinning wheel, but the kiss of a prince saved the day. Real princesses haven't always had this kind of luck. If in fairy tales the princes love their princesses forever, then real princesses among us don't always do this well. We have seen princes who are unable to love their unbelievably beautiful women, we've seen the tears of those princesses... But what about our social media princesses who've put the crown on their head themselves and wave to their Instagram followers from a golden chariot? Will their chariot turn into a pumpkin at some point? 

When I'm writing these lines, I'm thinking how about those social media princess that share filtered photos when walking in their own rose garden? More princesses like that are born every second... And still there are those who prefer to live in their own world, leaving the better photos for themselves. The creator of Modern Princess by Lanvin believes that there's a princess in every woman. She might not be waiting for the perfect prince or wear a crown. The creator of Lanvin's perfume believes that the biggest treasure for a modern princess is freedom and independence. The top notes of the scent take us back to a fairy tale - the fresh note comes from pink apple, and redcurrant adds some zing. The heart is made of a glamorous bouquet of flowers - jasmine, and elegant freesia. The base notes belong to sensual vanilla orchid and the final nuance of mystical luxury is given by musk. Perhaps Modern Princess is meant for those who prefer a cloud of perfume that makes you feel like a princess instead of high heels, a gown, and a crown. Which fairy tale or modern princess has made an impression on you?

Oma lapsepõlvest mäletan ma nii paljusid printsesse. Oli Okasroosike, Lumivalgeke ja loomulikult Tuhkatriinu... Kuid miskipärast ei paelunud mind kuigi palju nende lood. Mulle meeldis Väike Nõid ja Saabastega Kass, seega ei leidnud ma endal kuigi suurt seost printsessidega, sest luuaga sõitev hea nõid ja kaval kass, kes oma peremehest rikka valitseja tegi, pakkusid rohkem seiklusi.

Aastaid hiljem, lapates seltskonnalehekülgi, hakkasid mulle hoopis lihast ja luust printsessid meeldima. Nendes oli glamuuri, nendel oli kannatusi, neid saatsid paparatsod, neid kostitasid pettumused, kuid erinevalt muinasjutu printsessidest olid nad mulle justkui palju lähemal. Nende rõõmud ja kannatused andsid võimaluse samastuda. Ja alati ei olnud nende lugudel õnnelikku lõppu. Need printsessid olid iga kell palju inspireerivamad, kui muinasjutust pärit kaunitarid, kes elavad tänaseni, kui nad pole just ära surnud.

Lanvin esitles mõni aeg tagasi parfüümi "Modern Princess". Pidades silmas praegust ajastut, on see mu meelest üks parimaid nimesid, mida ühele lõhnale anda. Me elame ajastul, mil printsesse on rohkem, kui kunagi varem. Nad kõnnivad meie keskel, neist igaühel on peas nähtamatu kroon ja keegi ei pane pahaks, kui kristallkingakese asemel on jalas hoopis paar tennised. Väsitava ballikleidi vahetavad välja moodsad lõhkised teksad. Ja kroon ... Oh, kes seda krooni enam vajab? Tõepoolest, neil päevil võib iga kaunitar võib olla sotsiaalmeedia printsess, luua endale oma (õhu)lossi ja jagada siis oma kõrgest lossitornist vaid neid kõige ilusamaid kaadreid, mida ise heaks arvab.

Kui muinasjuttudest pärit printsessid elasid enne õnnelikku lõppu läbi palju kannatusi - nad sõid mürgitatud õuna, või veristasid vokil sõrme, siis printsi suudlus äratas nad ellu. Päris printsessidel pole alati sellist õnne olnud. Kui muinasjuttudes armastasvad printsid oma printsesse igavesti, siis reaalsetel pintsessidel meie keskel on tulnud armastuses pettuda. Me oleme näinud printse, kes ei suuda oma muinasjutuliselt kauneid naisi armastada, me oleme näinud nende printsesside pisaraid...

Kuid kuidas jääb ikkagi meie sotsiaalmeedia printsessidega, kes on endale ise krooni pähe sättinud ja lehvitavad kuldses tõllas oma Instagrami jälgijatele? Neid ridu kirjutades mõtlen, et mis saab meie aja sotsiaalmeedia printsessidest, kes oma isiklikus roosiaias kõndides meile oma filtritest läbi käinud fotosid jagavad? Selliseid printsesse sünnib juurde iga sekund... Kas nende tõld muutub kord kõrvitsaks?  

Ja jätkuvalt on neid, kes eelistavad elada omas maailmas, jättes filigraansed kaadrid iseendale. Lanvin "Modern Princessi" looja usub, et igas naised elab printsess. Ta ei pruugi ootada oma perfektset printsi ega kanda krooni. Lanvini lõhna looja usub, et moodsa printsessi suurim vara on vabadus ja sõltumatus. Lõhna tipunoodid kõnelevad aga taaskord muinasjutust - värske noot tuleb roosast õunast ja särtaskust lisab punane sõstar. Südamenoodis on glamuurne lillede bukett jasmiinist ja elegantsest freesiast. Baasnoodid kuuluvad sensuaalsesle vanilje orhideele ja viimase nüansi müstilist luksuslikkust kingib muskus. Küllap ongi "Modern Princess" nendele, kes kõrgete kontsade, maani kleidi ja krooni asemel eelistavad lõhnapilve, mis kingib hetkeks printsessiliku tunde. Milline muinasjutu või kaasaja printsess on sind kõige rohkem kõnetanud?

PHOTOS: Meisi Volt

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Juicy summer cake with gooseberry-lemon paste

Gooseberry is surely one of the most underrated summer berries. Perhaps it's the pretty long and strenuous process of cleaning the berries or the fairly strong skin and the fact that it has lots of seeds. Regardless of that, it's a real flavour-charmer that is above many other berries with its sharp acidity. And those who don't like the skin or seeds of gooseberries can use gooseberry paste that's been made by pushing the gooseberries through a sieve beforehand. 

By doing that the big seeds and skins will not be a problem, but the lovely flavour will enhance the cake by elegantly stroking your taste buds. This cake has a crust made of spelt flour, but regular flour can also be used. A really interesting taste nuance can be given to the cake by adding deep fried meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria) flowers that add a bitter sweet touch to the otherwise sweet and sour cake. If you want a more traditional version, leave the meadowsweet out and sprinkle the cake with seasonal berries if you wish.

What's needed? 
Serves 6-8  

3 dl spelt flour 
100 g butter 
1 egg 
0,5 dl unrefined cane sugar 
a pinch of salt  

Gooseberry paste: 
150 g ripe gooseberries, muddled or halved 
1 dl sugar juice of one bigger lemon + grated zest 
6 yolks 
150 g butter  

Deep fried meadowsweet flowers: 
7-8 meadowsweet flowers, diveded into smaller pieces 
1 tbsp corn starch 2 tbsp spelt flour 
oil for deep fat 
frying powdered sugar

How to prepare?  

First, make the dough. For that, mix the flour with sugar and salt. Add chopped cold butter and work the mass into an even crumble. Add egg and work the dough into a ball. Add cold water, if necessary. Roll the dough ball, wrap it into cling film and put into the fridge for 30 minutes. Take the dough from the fridge, press it into a 20-22 cm cake tin with removable sides - both into the bottom and on the sides. Put baking paper on the dough and put a weight on it (e.g. dried peas), bake at 180 degrees for about ten minutes, until the cake crust is dry, but not brown. Remove the weight and baking paper and bake for another ten minutes. Take it out of the oven.  

For making the gooseberry paste, put the gooseberries in a pot with 2-3 tbsp of water at medium heat. Rise to boil, simmer for about 6-7 minutes until the gooseberries are soft. Take off the heat and press the mass through a sieve. Pour the gooseberry mix into a pot, add sugar, lemon juice and zest, and yolks. Stir through and heat on very low heat or in a hot water bath until the mixture gets thicker. When you do it on the stove, be careful so that the yolks don't turn into an omelette. Add chopped butter in parts - stir previously added butter into the mix before you add the next pieces. Heat with the butter for a few more minutes, and take it off the heat. If you want, you can press it all through a sieve once more. Pour the mix into the pre-baked crust and put into the fridge for about 6 hours. 

To make the deep fried meadowsweet, mix the corn starch and flour with ca 3 tbsp cold water. Mix until even. Heat oil in a pot. Test the temperature of the oil by throwing a piece of bread into the oil which should start sizzling. Dip the meadowsweet into the batter and immediately into the hot oil. Deep fat fry for a few minutes until the batter is golden. Lift onto kitchen paper and sprinkle generously with powdered sugar. Put them on the cake just before serving.

Explore Tuuli Mathiesen's other recipes in her wonderful blog "Ise tehtud, hästi tehtud".

Tikker on kindlasti üks teenimatult alahinnatud suvemarju. Võib-olla on siin põhjuseks tikrite üsna aega- ja vaevanõudev puhastamise protseduur või suhteliselt tugev marjakest ja seemnerikkus. Vaatamata sellele on tegemist tõelise maitsehurmuriga, mis oma erksa happega teeb paljudele teistele marjadele pika puuga ära. Ja kes tikrikesti ega -seemneid pelgab, võib kasutada tikrivõiet, mis eelnevalt läbi sõela aetud tikritest valmistatud. 

Nii et häiri ei suured seemned ega marjakestad, kuid mõnus maitse vääristab kooki samas elegantselt ja maitsemeeli hellitades. See kook on speltajahust koogipõhjaga, samamoodi võib kasutada ka tavalist nisujahu. Eriti põneva maitsenüansi lisamiseks võib lisada koogile friteeritud angervaksaõisi, mis lisavad magushapule koogile kergelt mõrkjasmagusat nüanssi. Kui soovid aga traditsioonilisemat varianti, jäta lihtsalt angervaks lisamata ja puista soovi korral peale hooajalisi suvemarju.

Mida sa vajad?  
Kogus: 6-8-le 

3 dl speltajahu 
100 g võid 
1 muna 
0,5 dl DanSukkeri rafineerimata roosuhkrut 
Näpuotsaga soola 

150 g küpseid tikreid, veidi puruks litsutuna või poolitatuna 
1 dl DanSukkeri suhkrut 
1 suurema sidruni mahl ja riivitud koor 
6 munakollast 
150 g võid 

Friteeritud angervaksaõisikud: 
7-8 väiksemaks jaotatud angervaksaõisikut 
1 sl maisitärklist 
2 sl speltajahu 
Õli friteerimiseks 
DanSukkeri tuhksuhkrut

Kuidas valmistada?  

Valmista esmalt tainas. Selleks sega jahu suhkru ja soolaga. Lisa tükeldatud külm või ja töötle mass ühtlaseks puruks. Lisa muna ning töötle tainas tainapalliks. Vajadusel lisa veidi külma vett. Veereta tainapall, keera toidukile sisse ja aseta ca 30 minutiks külmkappi. Võta tainas kapist, suru see õhukese kihina ca 20-22 cm läbimõõduga lahtikäiva koogivormi põhjale ja külgedele. Aseta tainale küpsetuspaber ja sellele raskus (nt kuivatatud herned). Küpseta 180 kraadi juures umbes kümmekond minutit, kuni koogipõhi on kuivaks tõmbunud, kuid mitte pruunistunud. Eemalda raskus ja küpsetuspaber ja küpseta veel ca 10 minutit. Tõsta ahjust välja. 

Tikrivõide valmistamiseks aseta tikrid koos 2-3 sl veega kastrulisse ja keskmisele kuumusele. Lase keema tõusta, keeda 6-7 minutit kuni tikrid on pehmed. Tõsta pliidilt ja suru mass läbi sõela. Kalla tikrisegu kastrulisse ja lisa sinna ka suhkur, sidrunimahl ja -koor ning munakollased. Sega läbi ning kuumuta siis hästi vaiksel kuumusel pliidil või kuumas vesivannis seni, kuni segu pakseneb. Pliidil kuumutades ole hästi ettevaatlik, et munakollane ei muutuks omletiks. Lisa tükeldatud või osade kaupa s.t. sega eelnevalt lisatud või võide sisse, enne kui järgmised tükid lisad. Kuumuta koos võiga veel mõned minutid, tõsta siis kastrul pliidilt ära. Soovi korral ja kreemise tulemuse saavutamiseks võid võide veelkord läbi sõela ajada. Kalla võie eelküpsetatud koogipõhjale ning aseta ca 6-s tunniks külmkappi. 

Friteeritud angervaksa valmistamiseks sega tärklis ja jahu ca 3 sl külma veega. Sega ühtlaseks. Kuumuta kastrulis õli. Õli kuumust kontrolli õli sisse visatud saiatükiga, mis peab särisedes küpsema hakkama. Kasta angervaksaõied taina sisse ja siis kohe kuuma õli sisse. Friteeri mõned minutid, kuni tainas on kuldne. Tõsta majapidamispaberile nõrguma ja puista üle ohtra tuhksuhkruga. Tõsta vahetult enne serveerimist koogile.

Vaata Tuuli Mathiseni teisi retsepte tema värvikast blogist "Ise tehtud, hästi tehtud", mille leiad SIIT.


Thursday, August 3, 2017

TOP 5: Deep Cleansing Masks

A good deep cleansing face mask should be in every woman's bathroom. The first mask I ever bought was a clay mask, and deep cleansing masks have always been part of my skincare routine. When you use masks on a regular basis, they help you save money and give a perfectly clean skin in return.

I have been going to a beautician for years to clean my face, and at some point, I realised that if I do a deep cleansing face mask twice a week, I don't have to go to a salon as often. This means I can save a decent amount of money with a ten-minute ritual. I have had a tradition of taking a face mask with me to a spa for years. When I've lounged in a Finnish or steam sauna for half an hour, the pores are open, and I go to the changing room to apply deep cleansing mask. The effect you'll see on your skin after coming from sauna and using a deep cleansing mask, is immediate - since pores are open, the mask will pull impurities out as if with a vacuum. When your pores are clean and skin peeled, it means that all products absorb better. So it's recommended to use deep cleansing masks in the evening when you can apply a serum, night mask or night cream after the mask. These are the five deep cleansing masks I use every now and then. If you're looking for a new deep cleansing mask, I recommend giving one of these a go.

1. Shiseido Purifying mask is a rather creamy mask that cleans very gently. If other masks make my skin slightly red after using (this will go away in five minutes), then Shisheido doesn't do that. It's recommended to keep the mask on skin for five minutes, but I usually keep it for ten. In addition to the mask cleansing your pores, it gives a special glow to your skin. A lot of masks promise a special glow, then this one really does provide a special freshness. Out of my five favourites, this is the one that I sometimes also use before photo shoots and makeup. Price: 75 ml 42.00 

2. The newcomer on my face mask shelf is the Glamglow supermud clearing treatment. When I applied it for the first time after sauna, I felt quite an intense tingle. I was a little worried, but gave the mask a chance and it worked. It's worth mentioning the lovely peppermint scent of this mask - it doesn't only refresh your skin, but also your sense. Price: 50g 46.80 

3. Kiehl's is a classic white mud mask. I remember the first deep cleansing mask I bought years ago was also a mud mask. Kiehl's Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque is suitable for both normal and oily skin. When I've washed off the mask, pores are automatically smaller, and dull complexion is gone. Price: 125ml 27.99   

4. Estonian brand Vestige Verdant has been in my bathroom ever since it was released, so from 2014. The Vestige Verdant mask is actually two in one - in addition to being an excellent cleanser, it also has a peeling effect. I remove the mask with circular motions and that's how the peeling action happens. The skin is exceptionally smooth and soft after washing the mask off. Price: 200 ml 39 . Read my review of the Vestige Verdant face mask here.  

5. Origins Clear Improvement mask with active charcoal is said to be a smart cleanser that helps to balance skin that's both dry and oily at the same time. When I applied it for the first time, it was so soft I started wondering whether it would work at all. Luckily I didn't have to wonder for long, because my skin started tingling, and I even washed a bit off to see if the skin wasn't turning too red. All was well. The mask contains brown algae extract, wheat protein, and tourmaline that prevents the production of excess oil while protecting the areas that tend to get dry. As a bonus, it has a light bergamot scent. Price 100ml 24.99   

I use a trick with the four latter masks. When I feel a painful area on my skin that's hinting that a pimple is on its way, I have applied mask only on the sore spot and 70% it's worked so that the pimple stays away. What are your favourite deep cleansing masks?

Üks tubli sügavpuhastav näomask võiks olla iga naise vannitoas. Esimene, mille endale kunagi ostsin, oli savimask ja nii on minu nahahooldusrutiini jäänud alati sügavpuhastavad maskid, mis regulaarsel kasutamisel aitavad raha kokku hoida ja kingivad täiuslikult puhta naha. 

Ma olen kosmeetiku juures käinud aastast aastasse mehhaanilises näopuhastuses ja ühel hetkel avastasin, et kui teen nädalas kaks korda sügavpuhatavat maski, siis ei pea ma nii tihti kosmeetikut külastama. See tähendab, et saan vaid kümne minutilise rituaali käigus kena summa kokku hoida. Mul on aastaid olnud kena traditsioon, et võtan näomaski alati SPA-sse kaasa. Kui olen pool tunnikest Soome või aurusaunas mõnulenud, on ka poorid lahti ja siis silkan riietusruumi, kus kannan sügavpuhastava maski näole. Efekt, mida saunast tulnud nahal pärast sügavpuhastava maski kasutamist näeb, on kohene: kuna poorid on avatud, tõmbab mask sealt ebapuhtuse justkui tolmuimejaga välja. Kui su poorid puhtad ja nahk kooritud, tähendab see omakorda, et kõik tooted imenduvad paremini. Seega soovitatakse sügavpuhastavaid maske teha just õhtuti enne uinumist, et siis kanda nahale veel seerum, öömask või kreem. Siin on viis maski, mida vahelduva eduga kasutan. Kes otsib endale uut sügavpuhastavat maski, siis soovitan anda võimaluse just ühele nendest.  

1. Shiseido Purifying mask on kreemjas, mis puhastab naha väga õrnalt, kuid samas äärmiselt tõhusalt. Kui teised maskid jätavad mu näo kergelt punaseks (see puna kaob viie minuti jooksul), siis Shiseido seda ei tee. Maski soovitatakse naha hoida hoida 5 minutit, kuid mina olen sellega rahulikult kümme minutit mõnulenud. Lisaks sellele, et mask puhastab poorid, jätab ta naha eriliset särama. Kui paljud maskid lubavad nahale erilist sära, siis see annab nahale tõepoolest erilise värskuse ja kuma. Minu viiest lemmikust on see selline, mida kasutan vahel ka enne pildistamisi ja meiki. Hind: 75 ml 42.00 

2. Minu näomaskide riiuli uustulnuk on Glamglow supermudclearing treatment. Kui pärast sauna selle esimest korda nahale panin, tundsin üsna intensiivset kipitust. Ma olin pisut mures, kuid andsin maskile võimaluse ja see töötas. Selle maski puhul väärib eraldi esile toomist väga mõnus piparmündine lõhn, mis mitte ainult ei värskenda nahka vaid ka rõõmustab meeli. Hind: 50 g 46.80 

3. Kiehl's on klassikaline valge mudamask ja oi, kuidas ma selliseid armastan! Mulle meenub, et kõige esimene sügavpuhastav mask, mille aastaid tagasi endale ostsin, oli just mudamask. See Kiehl's Rare Earth Pore Cleansing mask sobib nii normaalsele kui ka rasusele nahale. Kui olen maski maha pestnud, on poorid automaatselt väiksemad ja tuhm jume on läinud oma teed. Hind: 125 ml 27,99 €

4. Kodumaine Vestige Verdant Organic Mask on olnud minu vannitoakapis alates ajast, kui ta välja tuli ehk aastast 2014. Vestige Verdant mask on tegelikult kaks ühes - lisaks oivalise naha puhastajana, mõjub ta ka koorijana. Mina eemaldan maski nii, et pesen selle ringjate liigutustega nahalt maha ja just sel ajal teeb ta tööd koorijana. Nahk on pärast maski eemaldamist erakordselt sile ja pehme. Minu pikemat arvustust Vestige Verdant näomaskist loe siitHind: 200 ml 39 

5. ORIGINS Clear Improvement aktiivsöe maski nimetatakse nutikaks puhastusvahendiks, mis aitab saavutada tasakaalu ühtaegu kuival ja rasusel näonahal. Kui ma selle esimest korda nahale kandsin, siis tundus ta nii õrna koostisega, et ma mõtlesin: kuidas ta ometi töötab? Kuid ma ei pidanud väga kaua nuputama, sest nahk hakkas samuti kipitama ja pesin seda isegi väikese osa näolt maha, et näha, kas nahk liigset punetab. Kõik oli siiski korras. Selles maskis leidub laialehise pruunvetika ekstrakti, nisuvalku ja turmaliini, mis ennetab ülemäärase rasu teket, kaitstes samal ajal kuivusele kalduvaid nahapiirkondi. Boonusena on sellel õrn bergamotiaroom. Hind: 100 ml 24,99 € 

Viimase nelja näomaski puhul kasutan ka üht nippi. Kui tunnen oma näonahal valulist kohta, mis annab vihje, et vistrik hakkab hoogsalt tulema, olen pannud maski vaid valulisele kohale näol ja 70% on see mõjunud nii, et vistrikku ei tule. Millised on sinu lemmikuimad sügavpuhastavad maskid?
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